A Recreation Vehicle is one of the best options of going on an adventure, without losing the essence of being at home.  You still have the luxury of privacy and keeping with you some important things that you will need is intact.

Just like a home away from home. It makes comfortably being with nature.

One very basic need of comfortable living is the accessibility of water, much more fresh and potable water. When you reach the place, where you need to secure your RV,  One of the first thing you would want to check is the availability of water. You have to check the water connection of the park, whether it is available or in good condition.  You don’t have to stop there, as after filling up your tank with fresh water, you need to take into consideration the pressure of the water.  It is adequate to keep it flowing inside your RV.  Many problems were encountered with the water pressure.  This is a big problem when you have children with you.  It would be a disaster, and nobody wants a situation like that.


One feature of an RV is the RV Water tank.  It helps keep the water pressure through the RV from the tank strong and maintained.  This will allow the flow of water to the RV

Sustained.  How do you prime your RV? This is what I will discuss below.

An RV which was a park for a long time and not being used should have its water tank primed.  The reason for it is that air is now filling up the line, which may prevent the flow of water.  What you need is to prime first your pump for the water to flow.


  1. Locate the water pump inside the RV. Probably, it is located near the water tank. It may be inside a cabinet under the sink.  Be careful, because of space limitation; water pumps are most likely hardly accessible. And working on it may cause injuries to your body, that you wouldn’t want to happen.


  1. Disconnect the outlet line. The outline is the one that connects from the water pump to the RV. It allows the flow of water from the pump to the RV.Once located, carefully remove the outlet line from the water pump. Connect a hose to the water pump outlet spout. The size of the hose and the outlet line should be the same.


  1. Hold the hose upright above the level of the water pump. It should not be stretch.


  1. Pour around 12oz. of water into the hose and cover the top end of the hose with your thumb. Then power on the water pump.  Leave it for a minute and wait for the water to reach your thumb.  Then turn off the pump.


  1. Disconnect the hose from the water pump and reconnect the outlet line to the pump. Make sure to lock it properly, to avoid it slipping away while in operation.


  1. If possible, open all the outlets inside the RV and allow the water to flow for a minute. This is to make sure that the hose and pipes are cleared of dirt, and only clear water will come out of it.


  1. Tidy your place to avoid accidents.

So to avoid hassles, when you are supposed to be in a relax mode and enjoying the beauty of nature, just follow this simple steps.  This is not too much to do, but a big factor to be able to have a perfect time with your loved ones.  This is one way to enjoy your recreation vehicle.